Vahan Yoghourdjian BSc MSc PhD

Vahan completed his PhD in Computer Science at Monash University, in Australia, in 2018. His thesis is titled “All Diagrams Neat and Beautiful, All Networks Great and Small”, and introduces advanced and novel techniques for the visualization and analysis of data in a way that is scalable from small and relatively simple networks to very large and complex networks in fields such as Biology and the Social Sciences. The research involved algorithm engineering, optimization, user studies, user-centered design, and statistical analysis and modeling. The work was presented at the premier international conference on Data Visualization (IEEE VIS) in Berlin (2018) and Chicago (2015). In the course of this research, and in his Masters and Undergraduate studies Vahan has mastered various Computer Science paradigms.

In addition to a rich education and research experience, Vahan also has experiences in teaching and developing software. As a teaching assistant, he helped create material for data exploration and visualization units. He taught design principles, methodologies, tools and languages (Python, R, JavaScript and Tableau); evaluated and provided feedback on assignments, presentations, and projects. As a Software Engineer, he managed projects and teams, distributed and prioritized tasks, designed enhancements and new features, participated in requirements gathering, developed, and prepared and presented training material.

Graph Thumbnails: Identifying and Comparing Multiple Graphs at a Glance

24 October 2018
IEEE VIS 2018 (InfoVis) - Berlin

PhD Pre-Submission Seminar

20 February 2018
Monash University - Caulfield Campus

SummerViz 2018 Five Design Sheet Methodology workshop

06 February 2018
Monash University - Clayton Campus

SummerViz 2018 Tableau workshop

05 February 2018
Monash University - Clayton Campus

Doctoral Colloquium - PhD Research

22 October 2016
IEEE VIS 2016 (InfoVis) - Baltimore

High-Quality Ultra Compact Grid Layout of Grouped Networks

27 October 2015
IEEE VIS 2015 (InfoVis) - Chicago